Dr. Paul Fearn’s Posture Program

Posture Program Vancouver WA
I’ve been a chiropractor for 18 years and at the start of my career, I knew there had to be a better way to help people other than just through adjustments and occasionally handing the patient an exercise on a piece of paper.

A good percentage of my patients suffer from neck and back pain due to poor posture.

The FDA has recently determined that sitting is the new smoking. Roughly 86% of Americans sit all day, every day. A majority of their time is spent hunched over a computer, phone or tablet. This is causing many problems that can be as severe as whiplash.

Reduce or eliminate your pain with our one of a kind Posture Program!

Our posture program provides one-on-one care to help show you how to take care of your back and many patients see improvement in as little as 8 visits! We take before and after photos so that you too can see the difference! Our program incorporates daily exercises and stretches along with your regular chiropractic adjustments to help you get the most out of your treatment!

For posture improvements that provide lasting relief from your aches and pains call (360) 433-9016 or Contact Us today.

Here are some of my patients and what they have to say:

“Dr. Fearn’s postural program took care of my back and neck problems. He takes the time to find the right exercises to help me. My old chiropractor never did that!” – Sally S.

“My shoulder pain is getting better and the “hump” on my back is gone.” – Jeff B.

“Sitting at my desk all day was causing chronic pain. I was feeling tired all of the time until I decided to try Dr. Fearn’s postural program. It was the best thing ever!” – Jim M.

“My headaches and constant pain in between my shoulder blades went away after just a few weeks of doing my postural exercises. Along with Dr. Fearn’s adjustments, I elected to get massages and found that the therapist was well trained in the program as well. Dr. Fearn’s team all worked together with me to help me feel better. I am so happy with my results and would recommend his program to everyone I know.” – Martha B.

Our posture program provides patients with results they can see and feel.

Give The Gift of Massage
Massage Prices:

60 min. Massage $89

Massage Package Prices:

Purchase Two 60 min. Massages for $150

Purchase Four 60 min Massages for $300

Purchase Six 60 min. Massages for $450

Massage packages may be used by multiple family members, friends, co-workers, etc! These make EXCELLENT gifts!