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The Fearn Natural Health Clinic offers our patients full support in their goals for improving their health and lifestyle. Our chiropractor near Camas offers comprehensive natural care, including chiropractic adjustments, posture realignment, acupuncture, massage, dietary advice, as well as stretching and exercise support.

Our chiropractor believes in addressing health concerns at their source rather than simply treating the symptoms. Our practitioners take the time to get to know you in order to paint a full picture of your health, nutrition, level of stress, lifestyle habits, family history, and more. With a more complete view of your health, we can design a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Your Dedicated Chiropractor near Camas

Having served the Vancouver, WA and Camas areas since 1997, Dr. Paul Fearn, D.C. has earned a reputation for trusted, compassionate chiropractic care. He is dedicated to improving the health and lives of his patients and extends ongoing support as long as it is needed. He believes in combining traditional chiropractic treatment along with naturopathic care, acupuncture, and massage. His goal is always to find the source of discomfort, and to treat patients on a holistic, full-body level.

In addition to our quality chiropractor, of office also employs dedicated massage therapists. We work as a team to bring your body’s structure into alignment, relieve muscle tension, and reduce pain.

Posture and Body Alignment

Our chiropractor utilizes advanced technology to measure posture, bone, and muscle alignment, creating the most accurate view of your body’s orientation. Corrections in misalignment enhance the body’s ability to function properly. When muscles, nerves, and bones are well aligned, they allow for better blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues. Symmetrical body alignment also eases muscle tension and pinched nerves. When one side of the body is too tight, the other side needs to elongate, to compensate. This can cause pain on both sides.

Pain Caused by Extended Periods of Sitting

Many people suffer from neck and back pain that comes from sitting for long periods most of the day. This creates hunched posture and body misalignment that then causes aches and pain. With personalized treatment, your posture can be improved, easing the pain through correct whole-body alignment.

Auto Accidents, Sports Injuries, and Repetitive Motion Injuries

Patients also come to our chiropractor for relief from whiplash, sports injuries, pain from repetitive movement, and back and neck problems. Dr. Fearn offers straightforward, open communication and works with you to develop a successful treatment for pain relief. He gets to the bottom of how and when the injury occurred.

Dr. Fearn works with individuals, not only to help relieve the pain, but also to find ways to avoid future injuries. From discussing the alignment of your desk and work chair to giving you stretches that help your muscles become more supple to reduce the risk of a sports injury, our chiropractor offers comprehensive support. His focus is on treating the whole person, not treating you like a symptom.

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Massage Prices:

60 min. Massage $89

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Purchase Two 60 min. Massages for $150

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