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As a premier natural health chiropractor treating Battle Ground, WA, Fearn Natural Health Clinic is your answer to back and neck pain. Having treated Battle Ground’s chiropractic needs since 1997, Dr. Paul Fearn and his team of massage therapists, acupuncturists, and natural health practitioners have been the answer to finding your way out of back pain for nearly 20 years!

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When you experience sudden pain in your back or neck it can seem like it came out of the blue. You wake up or make a routine movement and suddenly it feels like you are stuck—locked up in pain. Very simple things can pull the spine out of alignment or cause a disc to slip or nerve to get pinched. Sometimes the solution can be as quick as one appointment to a chiropractor. Other times, when you have suffered an injury such as an auto accident, sports injury, or workplace accident, you may need care for a few or several chiropractor sessions to guide your body as it heals.

Chiropractor Battle Ground Washington
At Fearn Natural Health Clinic we take your whole body into consideration, giving you a more complete chiropractor treatment for your healing process. We invite your participation in your Chiropractor Battle Ground treatments and hope to keep an ongoing dialogue with you throughout that process. We believe that healing can only occur when both the patient and the chiropractor are working as a team.

There is no one solution. Each injury and each person’s healing process is unique. That is why we come up with an individualized treatment and healing plan for each person. Together we can make you well.

A Trusted Chiropractor

Not far from Battle Ground, WA, Fearn Natural Health Clinic has helped many Battle Ground residents get up moving, pain-free, again. Our genuine care for each person we see and our excellent success rate for ending back pain has given us a reputation as the go-to chiropractor Battle Ground.


We welcome walk-ins and same-day appointments. We don’t want you to have to wait when you are in pain. Come to our office and let us get you back to full health.


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Battle Ground, WA

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Give The Gift of Massage
Massage Prices:

90 min. Massage $130

60 min. Massage $89

30 min. Massage $48

Massage Package Prices:

Purchase Two 60 min. Massages for $139

Purchase Four 60 min Massages for $260

Purchase Six 60 min. Massages for $395

Purchase Two 90 min. Massages for $190

Massage packages may be used by multiple family members, friends, co-workers, etc! These make EXCELLENT gifts!